Be Fascinated About Fitness

Surviving the Minnesota State Fair

So how do you go to a place, such as a state fair, that only comes once a year and not indulge? Further, how do you indulge and not go off the deep end and pack on the pounds? Continue Reading

Stop Complaining and be Thankful

It was amazing how quickly being thankful changed my attitude. I was no longer complaining and I could finish my run without trouble. The wind didn’t even bother me anymore. I felt happy. I was actually very surprised at how easily and quickly this worked.Continue Reading

Frustration Breeds Action

When you want to make a change in your life you need a strong motivator. You can’t just say I want to lose weight, I want to make more money, I want to be a better person, etc. But if you don’t have a really strong feeling about it, you will not be as likely to make that change. When you get to the point where you are so frustrated about your situation that you will not accept anything else for yourself, changes will have to come.Continue Reading

Don’t Be Perfect

In my last post I wanted to be clear that we are not perfect and the process to good health and fitness is not perfect. I don’t want to be perceived as someone like you would see on TV. We see fitness professionals all the time on the news, reality shows and infomercials. You lookContinue Reading

6 Months Postpartum

My son is now 6 months old and my daughter is 3! I can’t believe how fast time goes! There has been a lot of changes in our house. One big change is that I decided to stop pumping. This was such a difficult decision for me. I strongly believe in trying your best toContinue Reading