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These are thoughts about health and fitness that pop up in my mind every once in a while that are interesting to think about.

Learn from the Scale

A while ago I made a post about getting on the scale and cheering for yourself just because you are alive. The number means you exist and that is great! I talked about my daughter who is two and we always cheer for her when her weight pops up on the scale. The other dayContinue Reading

Nutrisystem Ad

Today in the mail we received a bunch of coupons. I was going through them to see which ones to keep and I came across an ad for Nutrisystem. The reason that I am writing about it is because it made me laugh. Probably before I was writing this site it wouldn’t have struck meContinue Reading

This Diet vs. That One

I saw a headline today that said, “Which diet will help you lose more weight? A low fat diet or a low carb diet?” The result of the study basically said that the diets as far as weight loss were equal. The dieters lost on average the same amount of weight and kept the sameContinue Reading

Happy Birthday to Me!

I wrote this last spring on my birthday and saved it until I had this site up. It just made me think. Happy birthday! Today is my birthday and when it falls on spring break it’s great because I usually get some time off from teaching. This year I had the morning off and finallyContinue Reading

The Scary Scale!

I have a two year old. Every once in a while, since she has been able to walk, she likes to weigh herself on our scale at home. When she steps on the scale I say the number with excitement and cheer for her. This got me thinking. I cheer for her because she hasContinue Reading