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In this category you will be able to read about my progress getting fit again after my second pregnancy.

1 1/2 Years Postpartum!

I apologize that it has been so long in between posts. Life with kids and a day job just doesn’t leave room for anything else. Now the Fascinating Fitness site is finally complete! It means so much to me. Good health is such a passion for me and helping other people achieve the success thatContinue Reading

9 Months Postpartum

Time sure flies. My son is now 9 months old and already walking! I feel like I am playing defense all day just trying to keep him off of everything or eating everything. As far as my fitness goals are concerned I am doing pretty well. I have been exercising 3 times a weeks andContinue Reading

6 Months Postpartum

My son is now 6 months old and my daughter is 3! I can’t believe how fast time goes! There has been a lot of changes in our house. One big change is that I decided to stop pumping. This was such a difficult decision for me. I strongly believe in trying your best toContinue Reading

3 1/2 months postpartum

Well things are going strong. After my last post I was still frustrated and I felt at a stand still. I know my body was improving but it seemed so slow. If most of you are like me you just want your old body back now! However, a lot has happened in the last fewContinue Reading

12 Weeks Postpartum

Well it has been a while. It is amazing how busy life can be with two kids and a job! I have finally found the time to start working out like I did before I became pregnant. It feels so good! When I am stressed because I feel like there isn’t time to to anything,Continue Reading