Welcome to the Fascinating Fitness Blog! I am so excited to share with you the fitness information that I have come across over the years. I have been wanting to write a book about fitness for a long time. Now with technology it is much easier to share info.

In this blog you will be able to read my fitness thoughts about many different things. I will talk about being fit during and after pregnancy, any health articles that may peak my interest, philosophical ideas that may help you think differently about your health and just general thoughts and observances that pop into my head that are interesting.

For more information check out all the pages that I have up on this site. I already have so much for you to read about exercise and eating healthy. I encourage you to read the information and hopefully it will peak your interest to continue to research and learn for yourself.

After all, I just heard that 75% of us will be overweight by 2020. That is terrible! What is going on? Are we that blind to our health? What are you going to do about it? For your sake and for your children.