I was flipping channels the other day and came across a show called “Too Fat for 15?” I was curious so I watched a bit. They were showing a 15 year old looking in her refrigerator and showing how she and her family were eating healthier. She showed 3 items, one was a butter substitute, the second was a fat free dairy product and the third was an egg substitute. I think my jaw dropped to the floor. It makes me so angry when I see people who think they are eating healthy because they are eating low fat or fat free foods. The fact was that there was no food in her food! What was she really eating? I am not going to go into what margarine and egg beaters are made of. You can research that yourself. It is pretty disturbing. Eating fake food that is labeled low fat or fat free will not help you lose weight. You body does not respond to fake food. It needs and craves the real thing. Not only because you are putting artificial ingredients in your body but because your body can’t be fooled. It will continue to crave and you won’t feel satisfied. This will cause you to eat more. Now that I try to eat pure foods on a regular basis that kind of eating makes me say, “yuck!” Eat real food. Eat organic food. Eat food that is as close to its source as possible. Dot that and you don’t have to eat “low fat” or “fat free”. Your body will take care of things for you on the inside. It is really that simple. Does anything else really make sense? Does it make sense to eat fake food? I don’t think so.