It is candy time which brings up so many questions in my mind about health. Can I restrain myself? What is this sugar doing to my body and my children’s bodies? How much should I let my children eat? How much is too much?

We try not to have candy around in our house because it can be such a trap. I don’t want my children to get hooked on candy and sweets. They do not get desserts, candy, soda or other sweets on a regular basis. I know this will benefit them later in life. They won’t crave sugar as much as other people and hopefully it will help them keep their health goals. I also know for myself that whenever anything like candy or desserts are in the house I am the one who eats the majority of them! Then I feel yucky! So we just keep them out.

My children are small so they don’t even know if Daddy and I have gotten into the candy stash. My husband and I both need to be careful not to eat too much because obviously it completely sabotages our health goals. We try to limit our sugar intake because we have studied and know the effects of sugar. Please view my sugar dangers page if you need more information about the bad side if sugar. Basically eating sugar adds to your waistline which is what most of us are trying not to do! Of course we do eat sugar. I am not someone who deprives myself of any food because I believe that is how we set ourselves up for failure. I never say that I can’t have something. I instead focus on how much healthy foods contribute to my health and save sugary treate for every once in a while.

At this time of year we do eat a few pieces of candy for a few days. There is really too much for us and I don’t want my kids to have very much. We will probably throw away or donate whatever is left soon.

I overheard some parents talking about their kids eating Halloween candy and how much. One Dad remarked how he remembered as a child it was a favorite memory to just pig out on as much candy as he wanted on Halloween night. Another Mom said she lets her kids have 10 pieces of candy per day after Halloween. I thought in my head that both comments were extreme. I then wondered if I was the extreme. What is normal? Do most people let their kids just eat as much as they want? Or do they throw most of the candy away? How much is too much?