Hi! I’m Gina!

I am a mom, a wife, a performing artist, teacher,  a business owner and in better shape now than I was in high school. I created this site because fitness is, well, fascinating to me. I love finding new healthy foods to eat and new ways to exercise. Before you roll your eyes, I do like my pizza and ice cream too! I just have figured out a way to enjoy all kinds of food and stay healthy. It is very freeing.

My story starts out that I was a child of a mother who had been overweight when she was a child, decided in college that she didn’t want to be that way anymore and stuck with it ever since. My mom was an inspiration to me. She had MS for most of her adult life and still took good care of herself and looked great! Proof that there are no excuses! I grew up eating healthy. We rarely had soda or potato chips in the house. So first I thank my mom for starting me out right. If you start your kids eating healthy right away they won’t have to struggle their whole lives. Give that gift.

This was a good start for me. However I am a very high stress person and the only time I give myself permission to relax is at meals. So eating to me equals relaxation. This can be problem. Gaining the freshman 15 in college is what inspired me to start learning about health. Since then I had some ups and downs. I feel that it took a good 10 years for me to really understand what my body needed from me.  It wasn’t until after a lot of research in how the body worked that things clicked. Then a healthy way of living became habit. Now I don’t even consciously think about it very often. They are just second nature. That is what this website and my upcoming workbook are all about. The steps that I go through on a daily basis to stay healthy. If you are looking for answers I hope I can help!