Be Fascinated About Fitness


We all must exercise to keep our bodies healthy. I don’t believe it is a choice. Whether you believe that God put you here for a reason or if you just believe that you happened to be on this planet you still have a responsibility to treat your bodies in the best way that you can while you are here.¬†With so many fun choices, why not? and with so many fun activities to do in life why miss out?

What are the benefits of regular exercise (exercise that you only do every six months doesn’t count!)? Obviously the first benefit is to help lose weight and to maintain a healthy weight. There are also medical benefits such as reducing your risk of heart disease and high blood pressure, high cholesterol, osteoporosis, cancer, and diabetes. Exercise can also help boost your mood, your energy level and improve sleep. Overall it just helps us feel better. Don’t we want to feel better? Then why don’t we exercise?

You don’t have to run for an hour everyday either. What activities do you like to do? Go for a bike ride with your family. Play a game with friends. Take a dance class. Just go for a walk and enjoy the surroundings. Anything counts as long as you do it consistently.

Here is what truly motivates me to exercise. When I read Covert Bailey’s Fit or Fat, which is no longer in print, it made things really click for me. I don’t go by the exact guidelines that he goes by. ( Remember do things your way!) However, the book is a bit old so I don’t know his thinking has changed. The one thing that has always stuck with me is that he said that we have to turn our bodies into “Fat Burning Machines”. What does that mean? When we are young our bodies are automatically programmed to burn fat. Children’s metabolisms are always on high. They can go all day without a break. My children never stop moving! You can just tell their metabolisms are going non stop. Not only do kids have a lot of energy but they are growing rapidly. Their bodies know that they need to always be stepping it up or else. That is why when I see overweight kids it is so sad. To go against nature like that is not easy. Kids are meant to be fat burners.

As adults this doesn’t happen naturally. In order to improve our fitness level or even stay the same we need to trick our bodies. Our bodies are programmed to basically be finished growing and improving at about age 35. This is when things start going down hill. Sorry to be depressing. I am over 35 and look at that statistic as a challenge. Because guess what? We can change that! We can trick our bodies to become fat burning machines just like we were when we were children. Other people refer to this as stimulating our HGH or Human Growth Hormone. By exercising and building muscle on a regular basis we trick our bodies into thinking that we are younger and still growing. We say to our bodies, “Wait a minute we need to increase our metabolisms! We need more muscle and we need to burn fat stat!” Our bodies then respond. “Oh I thought we were done. Sorry about that. I will get on that right away!” It is very exciting when you think about it. Or should I say “fascinating”!

What gets you excited? What can you do today?