Artificial Sweetners

The use of artificial sweeteners will always be a mystery to me. As we try to cut corners and avoid things that are not healthy for us we actually create things that are worse. Then they are advertised as healthy and consumed by people thinking they are doing something good for their bodies. Please read this article and hopefully you will never eat an artificial sweetener again.

Did you know that Aspartame was the most controversial additive in history? This is because it was the most contested in FDA history. It should have never been approved for public consumption but was approved only because of political and financial pressure. I won’t go into that anymore. You can do your own research about the history of aspartame. I will just give you the breakdown on what it is.

The trouble with aspartame is that it is easily broken down. It breaks down into methanol which is a neurotoxin. This will then eventually breakdown into formaldehyde, a chemical that is damaging to the cells and genetics of the body.

Side effects from aspartame include: headaches, nausea, depression, fatigue, breathing difficulties, memory loss, seizures and even death. Aspartame can also increase your cravings for sugar and carbs which leads to weight gain. Read more about that on my Don’t Drink Soda page

Did you know that diet sodas are addicting? In one study performed on animals they gave animals a choice between cocaine and saccharin and 94% of the time they chose saccharin even if the were already addicted to cocaine! Are you addicted?

Think that diet soft drinks help you lose weight? The real fact is in a study of 2,600 people, those who drank diet sodas had a 47% higher body mass index than those who didn’t. Why were these diet soda drinkers heavier?

It is because of artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners are worse than sugar because they over stimulate your sweetness receptors. This changes the way you think foods should taste. Naturally sweet foods just don’t cut it for you anymore. You need more sugary foods. Not only that but you get a surge in hormones such as insulin. This actually increases your appetite! Now you have sugary cravings and an increased appetite. Increased insulin tells your body to turn whatever you do eat into fat.

Beware of aspartame and other artificial substances. Anything that isn’t natural has to be questioned and shouldn’t be put into our bodies.

Why are these substances even on the market? Let’s see, “Money makes the world go around, the world go around…” Come on everybody sing! We have to be our own bosses when it comes to our bodies and not just believe that because it is in a store it is safe!

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