Be Fascinated About Fitness

Fascinating Fitness for Kids

New! Fascinating Fitness for Kids! This is a new program that will be offered all over the Twin Cities Metro Area.

Did you know that 1/3 of all American children are overweight! This is a big issue in our country and we all need to participate in doing something about it! This is why Mayer Arts started Fascinating Fitness for Kids! This class will be packed with high energy warm ups, games and fitness routines. We will not only get our bodies moving but learn about healthy eating and exercise. There is no doubt that being healthy starts when you are young. Help your children be fascinated by fitness today so that they can be fascinated by fitness for life!

If you do not live in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area you can still take advantage or all the free information on this site. Fascinating Fitness is not only a great place for kids to learn about fitness but there is a huge amount of information for those of us who may be a bit older 😉

More information coming soon!