Fitness Tips

In this section you will find many helpful and free fitness tips. These are all things I do to help me stay in shape. Some of the tips you probably will have heard before and others will be totally new to you. Don’t be afraid to try something you haven’t before. You never know when something is going to click and point you in the right direction!

For example, I don’t count calories. This is something that I stopped doing a while ago. Read why on the Don’t Count Calories page. I also had to teach myself how not to overeat. When you are addicted to food this is very difficult. There are many things that I do on a daily basis to overcome feeling like I need to eat all the time. Some things are now habit while others I may have to think about more. This is especially true when I am really stressed and just want to eat chocolate all day!

We also don’t realize how having good posture and good breathing can affect our weight as well. Our bodies work like a machine and if something is out of whack it is hard to keep the other pieces working smoothly.

Finally, check out these free recipes, healthy snacks and cooking tips to help you cook healthier while trying to stay in your busy schedule. It is possible. We may not be able to be perfect all the time but we can put in our best efforts.

More Fitness Tips!