Don’t Drink Soda

Don’t drink soda. That’s it. I know the soda industry is huge in this country. People love their supersized sodas or feel diet sodas are actually healthy.

Here are the scary statistics. According to the National Soft Drink Association consumption is now 600 12 oz servings of soda per person per year. That is almost 2, 12 oz servings a day. Males 12 – 29 are drinking the most soda which is about 2 quarts a day! The soda companies are not helping the situation either. They are making bigger servings and targeting children to gain more customers.

If you are a regular soda drinker being truly healthy is impossible! Even if you drink diet soda. It is impossible. I will tell you why.

The Dangers of Drinking Sodas

Here are the health risks associated with drinking soft drinks; Obesity, diabetes, tooth decay, osteoporosis and bone fractures, nutritional deficiencies, heart disease, food addictions and eating disorders, neurotransmitter dysfunction from chemical sweeteners and neurological and adrenal disorders from excessive caffeine.

Let’s look at the ingredients that cause those health risks.

Carbonated Water – When we breath we take in oxygen and expel carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide is unhealthy and toxic for our bodies. Carbonated water is water infused with carbon dioxide. We are putting the exact thing that our body is trying to get rid of back into our body. Who knows where the water they use comes from as well.

Phosphoric Acid – This interferes with the body ability to absorb calcium. This is what leads to osteoporosis and softening of bones and teeth.  Phosphoric acid also neutralizes the hydrochloric acid in your stomach which interferes with healthy digestion.

Sugar – This increases your insulin levels which leads to diabetes, heart disease, weight gain, premature aging etc. Sugar also contributes to tooth decay. For more go to my Sugar Dangers Page.

High Fructose Corn Syrup – This is now used as a sugar substitute. It interferes with collagen development and can lead to liver problems. That combined with the same problems that sugar has.

Aspartame – Consumption can lead to brain tumors, birth defects, diabetes, emotional disorders and seizures. Stored for long periods of time it turns into methanol and alcohol that converts into formaldehyde and formic acid. Both are known to cause cancer.

Caffeine – Caffeine is dehydrating to your body. For every cup of coffee you consume you need to drink 2 glasses of water to make up for the water your body lost. Caffeine also over stimulates your adrenal gland which leads to adrenal exhaustion.

Let’s look at the diet soda deception.

Did you know diet sodas are addicting? In one study performed on animals gave animals a choice between cocaine and saccharin and 94% of the time they chose saccharin even if the were already addicted to cocaine! Are you addicted?

Think that diet soft drink helps you lose weight? The real fact is in a study of 2,600 people, those who drank diet sodas had a 47% higher body mass index than those who didn’t. Why were these diet soda drinkers heavier?

It is because of artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners are worse than sugar because they over stimulate your sweetness receptors. This changes the way you think foods should taste. Naturally sweet foods just don’t cut it for you anymore. You need more sugary foods. Not only that but you get a surge in hormones such as insulin. This actually increases your appetite! Now you have sugary cravings and an increased appetite. Increased insulin tells your body to turn whatever you do eat into fat.

There is so much more on this topic. I encourage you to read more about soda consumption. If you are really committed to your body the more you learn the easier it is to make changes. If there is one thing that I would like you to change it is this. I didn’t even mention in this article the extra calories that contribute to weight gain. Don’t drink soda.

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