Good Breathing and Weight Loss

Is good breathing associated with weight loss? How many of us actually breathe the way our bodies intend us to breathe? Most of us slouch and can’t get the air we need into our bodies. What happens when we don’t breathe well? What happens when we do? Does good breathing help us lose weight? It turns out it does!

What happens when we breathe incorrectly?

We all know that we need oxygen to live. When we don’t breathe correctly we limit the amount of oxygen our bodies should be receiving. The negative results include everything from heart disease and cancer to fatigue, depression and premature aging. In the short term your body can’t metabolize fat properly if it doesn’t get the oxygen that it needs. Therefore your workout will not be as effective.

What happens when we breathe correctly?

When we take nice deep breaths there are many positive effects. Overall we feel better physically, emotionally and mentally. We are healthier. We start to feel better about ourselves. When we feel better we make better choices. We want to treat ourselves well by exercising and eating well. Good breathing also helps us exercise more efficiently. Just the simple fact that we feel better and want to take better care of ourselves helps us lose weight.

Good Breathing Aids Our Metabolism

This is the great thing about good breathing. Essentially we are able to burn more calories just by breathing well. I have stumbled upon actual programs designed to help you lose weight through certain breathing techniques. I am not sure if you can just breathe your way to weight loss but adding good breathing habits to your life will help in your weight loss efforts. When you breathe properly you will help your blood bring that much needed oxygen to your muscles. This will increase the level that you are able to exercise. You will have more energy and not fatigue as quickly.Actually good breathing will increases your metabolism all day!

What you should do is just calm your body every once in a while and taking the time to concentrate on your breath. Relax. Don’t think about anything other than your breath. What is it doing? Make sure you are practicing good posture when you do this unless you are laying down. This way your breath will just need to go in a out. If you have any tension it will get in your way. After practicing you will be able to tell the difference when you are holding tension and when you are letting go. Think about relaxing places such as your face, neck, shoulders etc. all the way down to your feet. When you return to doing activities try to keep the deep breathing feeling and just add energy. Practicing this often should feel good and re-energize you throughout the day!

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