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Women and Weights

Women need to lift weights. There is an incorrect thinking that if a woman lifts weights she will start to look like a body builder. Most women want to look feminine and maybe feel that lifting weights will make them look manly. They may also feel that they are not very strong and are afraid to look wimpy. I am here to tell you go for it! Women can be both strong and feminine.

The thinking that lifting weights will make a woman look unfeminine is a myth. Woman are not meant to look bulky and muscly. It is not in our DNA. Women who are body builders have a different lifestyle. They workout much more than the rest of us, eat to build muscle and decrease their fat considerably, and may take supplements. The majority of us will never look like that.

We need to build muscle to not just help us lose weight. We need to build muscle to be strong women! Building muscle will help build self esteem, help to prevent osteoporosis and make you feel great.

Back in the day our ancestors didn’t need to work out. They did manual labor and naturally stayed in shape. Think of a typical day for a woman. Do the dishes and laundry by hand probably while carrying a child all day. If they worked on a farm there was constant lifting and carrying and walking. They just needed to survive. So if you are a woman afraid to lift because it is not feminine, you need to rethink what is feminine is. Feminine is strong, beautiful and healthy! Not weak and lazy.

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