Good Posture and Weight Loss

Did you know that there is a connection between good posture and weight loss. That’s right! Just stand or sit up straight and lose pounds! Why is this? There are actually many reasons.

Lose 10 Pounds Instantly

Have you ever heard or read this title in a magazine? “Lose 10 Pounds Instantly! Find Out How!” What they are talking about typically is just simply standing up straight. When we slouch we look heavier than we really are. When we stand up using proper alignment it forces us to pull everything up and in and we look thinner. That’s it!

Build Strength

If you practice standing up straight on a regular basis you will build muscle. The core muscles which are those in you abdomen and back will strengthen. After you practice this for a while you will build the muscles so much that standing up straight will become natural.

Use More Calories

What happens when we build muscle? We burn more calories. Just by standing up straight you will burn more calories in a day. Not only because you are building muscle but because you are using more energy. That will add to the calories burned towards losing weight. What could be easier?

Breathe Better

Standing up helps our bodies breathe better too. When we breathe better we stimulate our metabolism and are also able to burn calories faster. Standing up and breathing better go hand in hand and also help us feel better physically and emotionally. When we feel better physically we will be able to be more active. When we feel better emotionally we will be more optimistic and more likely to treat ourselves better. So take that deep breath!

How to Achieve Good Posture

I believe that it is difficult to teach a person the correct way to stand up in writing. We all have different bodily habits so what I would tell one person is not the same as another. What I tell my dance students is to make sure you are standing firmly on both feet. Gently feel your weight going into the ground while your body is growing taller. This should cause you to be straight and you should feel your abdomen gently pulling in as a result. Your shoulders should not be hunched forward or pulled too far back. They should rest easy on top of your body. The head should lift up from the spine but not pull. The neck should feel free. Make sure your knees are not locked and your joints are free. This is the quick version.

To better help you understand good posture, take a class that stresses good posture such as a dance or yoga class. These classes will teach you while your body strengthens. Working with a personal trainer will help as well. Trust me. Standing up straighter will help you not only lose weight but be healthier for your body in many other ways as well!

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