Why Diets Fail

Why do diets fail? Good question. Diets fails because of so many reasons. Here are just a few:

You are not following your own plan

I believe that in order to be successful in getting in shape you have to do it your way. I have read many other plans or seen other fitness “professionals” on TV and said to myself, “They have got to be kidding!” Some talk about the fact that you can’t eat this food with that food. Or you eat certain foods one week and then others the next and so on. It all sounds good but when I thought about actually putting their plan with my life I knew it would never work! There are certain foods I like to eat and certain foods I don’t. The same is true for everyone. There are also some forms of exercise I like and some I don’t. For example. I do not like to run long distance. So I will not do it. With our busy lives and families certain programs are just not convenient. I know they wouldn’t fit into my life or my families lives. There are so many other options out there. Choose what you like.

There are too many rules

Every plan seems to have rules. Let me tell you now there are no rules for you to be fit. I do follow rules I have made up for myself but they constantly change. They change depending on how busy I am,  if I am pregnant, injured, working more or less, if I learn something new etc. I look at the government standards or reality weight loss programs and get so upset. No wonder people are overweight. They tell you that you have to exercise to exhaustion for hours in order to be healthy. It is not true. Does this mean that I don’t have guidelines for myself or that I eat whatever I want? No, I have a goal to be healthy and act accordingly. If I feel like doing something one day but feel like doing something else the next that is fine.

Diet food is not good

From what we think is healthy to pre-packaged weight loss food there are just so many reasons not to eat healthy. How often have you watched a sitcom where someone is trying to lose weight and stuffing a rice cake in their mouth with a sour look. It’s funny because we have all been there. Healthy food can be good and you don’t have to skimp. Research about eating whole foods and eat real food. You will be more satisfied.

We are left feeling hungry

When doing my research for this site many of the complaints I read for certain diets were that people felt hungry all the time. Who wants to live like that? How long can you live like that before you go so crazy that you binge. We have all been there too! You must eat to be healthy for life and not just for a few months.

We want a quick fix

We live in a world where everything is fast and easy. We all want health to be the same way. We can contact anyone whenever and however we want. We can see the latest news whenever we want. We can buy things whenever we want. We are a bit spoiled today. Remember when we actually had to get up to change channels on the TV? Unfortunately fitness doesn’t come that way. It takes time and effort. However I believe the best things in life are the things that don’t come easy. The pride you will feel when you succeed is not even comparable to anything that you received the easy way.  Think about the things that you have accomplished that took time and effort; getting a degree or having children for example. Fitness is the same. Think of it as your little child. You must nurture it so that it can grow and flourish. Even when it is cranky!

They don’t meet your emotional needs

Diets don’t necessarily help you to find out why you are eating unhealthy in the first place. Is your life stressful or are you struggling with depression, anxiety or trauma. A diet won’t help you sort through your pain. In order to replace emotional eating with other habits your may need to talk with a therapist or read books that deal with these issues. You will need to find ways to take care of yourself that promote your health and well being.

The bottom line is, don’t diet. Take good care of yourself instead.

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