Popular Diet Plans

In this section I will list and summarize some popular diet plans that are out there today. Then I will post my thoughts and reviews about whether I feel they are healthy and will help you in the long run. Remember that these plans are other people’s plans. Since we are all different it is difficult to follow a plan that you did not create for yourself.

With that said, I am not saying you cannot succeed with another diet. If another diet works for you great! The plus side of other diets is that they are already completed for you. Someone else put in the time to create a plan for people to follow. This takes a lot of time off of your hands. However, please do your research. Not all diets are good for you. You can start by reading the summaries of each diet I have on this site. Then do your own research and determine for yourself if it is something you can stick with. Also you probably will not follow these diets for the rest of your life. You will eventually need to have your own plan anyway. If you don’t have your own plan and just go back to your own familiar habits you may gain the weight back if not more.

The other point that I would like to make is that diet plans do not always include exercise. They are simply a way to eat. You must include exercise along with a good eating plan. If you do not believe me, please read the section on exercise for your body’s sake!

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