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Children and Sugar

Here is the simple truth that you must abide by: Take the sugar out of your kids diets! We are overloading our kids with sugar and I think we don’t even know it. Toddlers especially have no idea what they are missing so as parents, don’t teach them what they are missing. They will find out soon enough about all the sugary treats that are out there. Our job is to not give these sugary treats to them early so that their taste buds won’t become addicted to them. Sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners are addictive! Why are we hooking our kids on them?

I know we want to make our kids happy. I see it all the time. Parents want to make their children happy by giving them desserts. Ice cream and cake will not make our kids happy in the long run. Giving them the gift of a good self-esteem when they have a healthy body and mind will make them happy and keep them happy for life!

Hopefully we all know that foods such as ice cream, cake, candies, cookies etc have sugar. But I think there are other sabotages that you need to be aware of. What is the biggest mistake people make with their children? I believe that it is sugary drinks. I rarely see kids drinking water. At the park the other day a mother had two sippy cups for her daughter. One had juice in it and one had a fancy coffee drink in it, which she said was their Saturday treat! I had to stop my jaw from hitting the floor. She basically was giving her daughter the choice of either this sugar drink or this caffeinated sugar drink.  But as I look around I don’t think this is uncommon. Our kids need water! Not sugar and definitely not caffeine.

Myth – fruit juice is healthy. Google this and you will come up with many articles about the fact that fruit juice is not as healthy as we think. It is mostly sugar. Yes it is fruit (very little fruit), which is good for us, but then eat a piece of fruit instead. This will give you the vitamins that the fruit contains plus the fiber and less sugar than the juice. You need to think of fruit juices as sugary drinks. We drink very little juice at our house. It is considered a treat.

Sugar and high fructose corn syrup are everywhere. Look at the foods you buy at the store and read the labels. Foods that we wouldn’t think would have sugar have sugar. Crackers, bread, soup etc. all have it. We are eating sugar and we don’t even know it!

Listen, we do have sugar at our house but it is very little and reserved for special occasions.  My children don’t ask for it very often because they are not used to it. They love cake which we have at family birthdays and holidays but she knows that it is not there all the time. She would rather play anyway which is what kids should do.

I want you to think about sugar as this, every time you give your child sugar (fruit juices, soda, desserts) you are basically telling its little body to store fat. Not only to store it but turn into a machine that always stores fat no matter what you feed it. Turn your kids into fat burners instead by giving them real food and getting them moving!