Grass Fed Meats

Eating meat and dairy products produced from grass fed animals is becoming more popular in the United States. People are starting to hear about the benefits of eating grass fed and the negative aspects of eating foods from highly processed animals and conventional farms.

Grass fed animals are only fed their natural diet. They are not stuffed with grain, soy and other supplements. They are also not given hormones or antibiotics. The fact is they are healthier animals and do not need anything artificial to produce great food.

Grass fed meats are more nutritious. They have more healthy fats such as Omega 3s. They are also lower in calories. Grass fed meats are richer in antioxidants and vitamins as well. Because they are not given hormones and antibiotics those substances don’t pass into you or your family’s bodies and give you unwanted chemicals.

Here is the truth on what most of our animals that are going to market are being fed today. Mostly they are fed corn and soy because they are cheaper. Unfortunately they need to cut corners even more. They are basically fed garbage. When I researched this subject I was appalled to learn what conventional animals are being fed. When we eat those animals the garbage that they consume then goes into our bodies as well.

We need to eat as natural as possible to get the best nutritional benefits for our bodies. My husband and I look for grass fed when we can. Otherwise we at least try to eat meat and dairy products that do not contain hormones and antibiotics. I know that it is difficult and can be more expensive. However we believe that we will save money in the long run for our health.

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