Pregnancy and Fitness

In this section we will talk about being fit before, during and after pregnancy. This is a topic very close to me because I have two children of my own and remember the process of being pregnant and trying to stay healthy and in shape very clearly.  I will let you in on some tips that I have used during my pregnancies. You will also be able to find more information on my blog about my journey post pregnancy.

Staying healthy when you are pregnant is so important. How many times have you heard, “Now I can eat for two!” Or “I can eat all the desserts that I want now that I am pregnant!” Sorry to say but I didn’t find that to be true at all. Eating healthy, exercising, getting enough rest and just taking good care of yourself in general are a things that you should do when you are not pregnant but things you should most definitely do when you are pregnant. Your body is the house for a new life that grows inside of you and depends on you.

If you are thinking about becoming pregnant I encourage you to start looking at ways to take good care of yourself. What are you going to start doing now to get healthy? From the moment you start thinking about having a child you will need to look at your eating and exercising habits. There are many things that doctors advise you to eat and not eat, how to exercise and how not to exercise. The journey of becoming pregnant and having a child is the most exciting journey someone can venture on in my opinion. From the trying part to feeling that first kick or hiccup to seeing your baby for the first time there is nothing like it! It all comes with a commitment to your child to start them off right.

Now understand that I sound very firm on my stance to be healthy while pregnant however I am realistic. I have been through being pregnant and having morning sickness and there were times when nothing made me feel good except for sour cream and cheddar potato chips! The trick is to do your best. Know the correct way to eat and exercise and fit it in when you feel up to it. I remember my with first pregnancy I made a commitment to start prenatal yoga as soon as my morning sickness went away. I stuck with it and I was glad that I did.

The bottom line is that you must eat as healthy as you can and exercise. Being pregnant is not an excuse to take it easy. Well, yes it is. I mean find the right balance. Don’t push yourself. You will be tired more than normal for obvious reasons. Your body is busy growing a human being! That takes a lot of energy. You are also heavier than normal. Wait… Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Read on to the pages about eating and exercise while pregnant to learn more!

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