Jenny Craig


Jenny Craig was a company started in 1983 by Jenny and Sid Craig in Australia. It began operation in 1985 in the United States and now has its headquarters in California.

The company has over 600 weight loss centers in the US but is also in other countries around the world. As a member you can have individual weight loss counseling as well as a menu of foods delivered to the centers or directly to customers. The program combines eating healthy and exercise to change the customer’s lifestyles.


In doing research about how people feel about Jenny Craig I found that they seem to have good intentions. They stress portion control, exercise and a change in the way people look at how they live.

The biggest criticism is the expense of the program. People found it to be one of the most expensive programs out there. There are others that believe that if you are really committed to your weight loss the expense is worth it.

Another criticism is that since you are given food in the portions that they want you to have, when you go off that program it will be difficult to take control yourself and stick with the portion sizes.

Third, you will have the same problem as with any other prepared food plan. Please read my review on Weight Watchers. These prepared diet foods are made with too much sodium and sugar. How is that eating healthy? One nutritionist said that the most healthy part of the diet was the food that you are supposed to add yourself.

Finally, a lot of people were disappointed with the how the food tasted and were left feeling hungry. Eating healthy should be satisfying.

Experts agree that if you commit to the program it does work. But again not in the long run. It is pure calorie restriction which will work for a while but if you want to teach your body how to stay fit you must feed it healthy whole foods.

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