SlimFast is a line of food products designed to help you lose weight. They provide snacks, shakes, bars and packaged meals. They originally started with just the shakes. However with the low carb diet craze they had to revamp and offer similar products in order to stay competitive.

Currently the company has a “3-2-1” diet plan. This plan says you can have 3 snacks, 2 meal replacements and 1 sensible meal per day. Along with the food products their website has an online community for support.


The plus side of this diet is that it is easy. People seem to enjoy how convenient it is and easy to follow. It also seems to work if you stick with it. (For a while.)

I feel like I am writing the same things about every diet that I have reviewed. Basically, it works because you don’t consume very many calories on this plan. I am a big believer in eating enough for your body and eating 1000-1200 calories a day makes me cringe. That is not enough food. I feel in the long run you will eventually plateau eating this way and start to go backwards because you will have slowed down you metabolism by not feeding your body enough.

The other criticism I have is the food that is sold is simply not healthy. It is full of sugar, corn syrup and other additives. Like I have said before, why can’t we just eat real food. Eating this way does not teach your body how to really lose weight. You have to look at the chemistry of the food you put into your body. If you put unhealthy foods in your body you cannot expect to be healthy! You are what you eat.

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