Nutrisystem is a company that provides weight loss products. At first, the company was focused on retail store sales. Now consumers can purchase their products online, over the phone, at retail stores and on QVC.

The company stresses that it provides quality foods and balanced meals. It offers phone counseling, weight loss tips and tools as well as online community support. They do suggest that customers add an exercise plan as well. They have meal plans for older customers, diabetics and vegetarians.


Nutrisystem is the lowest priced weight loss program comparing it to similar programs. Just as some other programs like it, it seems to be positive in stressing portion control and healthy eating.

The complaints were exactly the same as with Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig etc. You will still have to have a good eye and read the packages carefully as with any company that sells prepared foods. One person made a good point that with any prepackaged or frozen foods you will be eating a lot of additives and extra sodium that your body doesn’t need. They suggest just cooking yourself and using good whole ingredients. What a concept! Read more on Weight Watchers page! Some of the reviews I read talked about how the food did not taste very good and people were left feeling hungry after.

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