Well it has been a while. It is amazing how busy life can be with two kids and a job!

I have finally found the time to start working out like I did before I became pregnant. It feels so good! When I am stressed because I feel like there isn’t time to to anything, moving my body cures all those stressful thoughts. I wish I had more time to exercise.

Right now my goal is to get to the gym once a week. I run interval sprints in the gym (I will do these outside when it warms up). I will also lift weights. Since I don’t have a lot of time I basically just go through each machine targeting the major muscle groups. I also use free weights for some exercises. Then on the weekend I perform my at home routine. This includes push ups, yoga poses, Tacfit exercises, squats etc. Again trying to target each of the major muscle groups.

Like I said in my 6 weeks post it has been harder to lose the last bit of weight. It wasn’t as hard with my first child. It is because it was summer and my husband and I went for a walk every day and ran hill sprints at our park once a week when I felt up to it. Now that it is cold I can’t get outside. So it is taking longer but I am still slowly losing weight. I am being very patient.

My foot is feeling better. I did exercises that didn’t aggravate it. I also applied ice to it once a day. After researching on the internet I realized that the pain was due to my bunions, a result of dancing in heels for years. After being pregnant and having more weight on my feet for so long they started acting up again. After taking care of them they feel much better. I ran the other day and have felt no pain.

I am still excited to get my old body back and then some! i am also excited for spring to come which is just around the corner. I started teaching dance again last week and was actually amazed at how good I felt. It made me feel that I really didn’t have that far to go.