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How Much Halloween Candy?

It is candy time which brings up so many questions in my mind about health. Can I restrain myself? What is this sugar doing to my body and my children’s bodies? How much should I let my children eat? How much is too much? We try not to have candy around in our house becauseContinue Reading

What is Your Limit?

What are your limits on what you to eat? Do you want to change your limits? How do you change your limits? We all have different points of view about what we are willing to eat and what we are not willing to eat. It might be helpful to understand that what you eat orContinue Reading

1 1/2 Years Postpartum!

I apologize that it has been so long in between posts. Life with kids and a day job just doesn’t leave room for anything else. Now the Fascinating Fitness site is finally complete! It means so much to me. Good health is such a passion for me and helping other people achieve the success thatContinue Reading

How Accurate Are Health Studies?

I wanted to talk about something today that I found interesting. So often you hear about the latest health study and what they found out about this disease or that one and how diet and exercise affects it. Yesterday it was the affects of breast cancer and diet and exercise. Obviously if you have aContinue Reading

9 Months Postpartum

Time sure flies. My son is now 9 months old and already walking! I feel like I am playing defense all day just trying to keep him off of everything or eating everything. As far as my fitness goals are concerned I am doing pretty well. I have been exercising 3 times a weeks andContinue Reading