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How Accurate Are Health Studies?

I wanted to talk about something today that I found interesting. So often you hear about the latest health study and what they found out about this disease or that one and how diet and exercise affects it. Yesterday it was the affects of breast cancer and diet and exercise. Obviously if you have a good diet and you exercise you will be healthier and reduce your risk of getting certain cancers. But what I found interesting was they had people try different things to lose weight. Some of the participants just dieted, some just exercised and some dieted and exercised. What they found was the people that either just dieted or dieted and exercised lost weight and the people that just exercised didn’t lose any weight. I thought to myself, how can this be? Why didn’t the people who exercised lose any weight? The more I thought about it the more upset I became. Why did this upset me, well I will tell you…

1. Telling the general public that a study with participants that did different things to lose weight will have an influence on the them. If you hear that people only lost weight when they dieted you may be more willing to diet instead of exercising when really you should be doing both. Don’t tell people that exercising is not an effective way to lose weight. It is!!!

2. Why didn’t the people who were exercising lose any weight? What were they doing as exercise? To me if they were exercising but not losing weight, then they weren’t exercising correctly. I am sure they were doing what most doctors and personal trainers told them to do and it probably was not effective. The mainstream ideas of what diet and exercise are, in my option and what I have seen in my own body are false. I will put more information about that in another post. I have made huge leaps and bounds in my own body doing other things than what is generally accepted.

3. Also, what were those people eating? If the exercise was not working, were they eating foods that were counteracting their exercising efforts? I just want to know all of these things before someone tries to tell me that some thing did or did not work. Please give me all the details. Don’t just tell me this works or this doesn’t work.

I guess the point I want to make to you is, when you hear about a study that has to do with diet and exercise take it with a grain of salt. We have no idea what the diet or the exercise was and if it actually was effective. Don’t change your life because of what any study says. You just do what you know is right. Eat well and exercise effectively.

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