It has been so long in between posts. Life with kids and a business just doesn’t leave room for anything else. Now the Fascinating Fitness site is finally complete! It means so much to me. Good health is such a passion for me and helping other people achieve the success I have is a strong goal of mine.

I can’t believe that my son will be 2 in a couple months and my daughter just turned 4! They grow up so fast! I was just looking back at my last post and noticing how different life is now. My son is finally sleeping through the night (unless he is getting a new tooth) so I am sleeping a little better.

I am happy to say I have already reached the fitness goal that I had made after I had my son. I set out to increase my fitness level from what it was before I had children. More specifically I wanted to look like I work out. I have been very good at sticking with a good eating and exercise program for about 14 years now, but I never really looked like I worked out. I was in good shape and good health but I wanted to have people look at me and know I work out.

Now I really see muscles on my body that I didn’t see before. In fact I just discovered a new one yesterday on my shins. To be honest, a lot of that goal is not just to look better and feel stronger but dispel the myth that “it’s all genetic”. I don’t want people to look at me and think that I have good genes. I work hard to look like I do, and I want people to know that I work hard!

I know that it is purely my ego talking. There are a couple instances in my past where friends or family made comments about me where they completely did not acknowledge the fact that I do work to be healthy. In high school a friend told me that she was mad at me because I looked like I was in shape but I didn’t do anything active. I guess she forgot that I was a competitive dancer.  Years later my cousin made a comment that I got all the good genes. I work very hard to be in the shape I am in today.

This new goal has to do with my competitive nature too. I do want to see how far I can take my body. After having kids I feel like, okay, what now? Although to be really honest I am getting older and as we age it is so important to take good care of yourself. Our bad habits with our posture, flexibility, and strength really start to add up as you go through your 30s. If you do not exercise on a regular basis you also lose muscle strength and flexibility as you age. So I am on a path to keep getting stronger just to stay ahead of my age. In this respect I will never “act my age!”

It is amazing to me that it didn’t take that long to reach my goal. I mean I was in good shape before I had children so I had a good foundation. I just needed to up the ante a bit. Once you figure it out it is actually very easy. This is why I wanted to create this site. People think being healthy and in good shape is hard and I don’t think it is. Once you know what to do and do it your body just responds. Like I said it all came to a shock to me that I had made my goal so quickly.

Just the other day when I was teaching a group of pre-teens one of the girls made the comment, “Gina, you really have muscly legs!” Then another girl chimed in, “and arms too!” That felt good. It feels very good to reach your goals. I am not huge. I don’t in anyway look like a body builder I just look like I actually do workout!