Happy new year! This time of year there is a lot of talk about New Year’s resolutions. Just scrolling through social media for a few minutes this morning I already saw many posts about making resolutions. Some people, especially fitness professionals, tell you to make those resolutions now and start your journey toward health and fitness. The new year is a great time to start fresh. However I saw many posts telling people not to make resolutions. That they put unwanted pressure on people and you should just go with the flow or put things in God’s hands.

It is now 2022 and more pressure is not what we need. So the thought of not making resolutions and taking life one day at a time does feel more comforting.

Should you make resolutions? I believe we always need goals or an intention of what we want. Otherwise taking life too easy may carry us down a road that is the opposite of what we want. I personally don’t make resolutions because I have goals for myself all the time. Making a New Year’s resolution does feel like too much pressure especially when I feel I am doing all I can anyway.

If you are someone that needs a jump start a resolution might be for you. You may even need someone else to help you and hold you accountable. Sign up with a personal trainer or a nutritionist. They can get you started on how you should exercise and eat healthy.

We all have heard that most resolutions don’t last. This could be because we will most likely just go back to what is easy and familiar if we don’t make new changes a habit. They say it takes time to make a change from what we are used to. You have to commit and focus everyday.

We also may get frustrated because we are making changes however the scale doesn’t reflect those changes. You may just need to be patient or learn more about how to get the result you want. Maybe you have started an exercise program, however you are not changing your diet.

Maybe the resolution you chose is too much. You may need to start small. Going to the gym five days a week when you haven’t gone in years might be too much. Then you are setting yourself up for failure. Or giving up sugar all together when you eat sweets everyday might be too much. Try to get to the gym once a week for now or only eat sweets on the weekends.

My whole philosophy when it comes to health and fitness is that we are not all the same. A resolution might be right for one person and not for someone else. We all have different wants and needs, likes and dislikes. One person might need that kick to get started and for someone else it might be too much pressure.

My advice is this, you do need a positive goal or intention if you want change. And you do need to remind yourself of this goal everyday. It also must be positive. Tell yourself, “I take good care of myself!” “I deserve to feel good!” “I make good choices!” etc. If you have any negative talk about yourself get rid of it. You don’t need it. It will sabotage your goals.

Next you need to educate yourself about health and fitness. For example, learn about what sugar does to your body. The more you understand about a particular health topic the easier it is to make positive changes. If we understand sugar causes disease and depression we might be more likely to cut down.

Ultimately we all have goals whether they are conscious or unconscious. We all get up and move through our day making many choices. Why not make choices that will make you feel great!

Should you make a resolution? Maybe it is right for you and maybe not. If you do want to make real changes in your life, make a conscious choice to take a real look at your life, learn about fitness and tell yourself everyday “I take amazing care of my amazing body and mind!”