I have a two year old. Every once in a while, since she has been able to walk, she likes to weigh herself on our scale at home. When she steps on the scale I say the number with excitement and cheer for her. This got me thinking. I cheer for her because she has weight. She exists and that is incredible. It is something that I never understood before being a parent. The number is irrelevant. The fact that she is on this Earth and takes up space is what is important. The scale is proof that she is really here.

So here is my question. When you step on the scale, do you cheer for yourself for the same reason? Probably not. What do we do when we step on a scale? We get nervous, anxious, afraid, etc. Sound familiar? We are looking for “that number”. That number that really doesn’t exist. That number that we just picked out of nowhere or because someone somewhere told us that is what our number should be.

Anyway, what if you tried it? I mean, what if the next time you stepped on the scale instead of being nervous and judgmental you stood there and existed. Then you looked at the number and cheered! Picture yourself doing that for a moment. I’m serious. Picture yourself getting on that scale with confidence just because you are here on this Earth. Does it feel good? It should. You are just as important as a child. Just as precious as an infant. If you are a parent it may be easier to understand this concept. How do you feel about your child. You love them unconditionally. Why not love yourself in the same way? If you don’t have children I’m sure there is someone else you love this same way. I know it is hard to think of yourself that way. For some reason we are not programmed to love ourselves unconditionally. It’s too bad. What a better world it would be if we all treated ourselves with the respect that we deserve. When we treat ourselves better we treat others better as well. It is that simple.

I dare you to try it! Cheer for yourself today! You will feel happier and you will probably treat yourself better and therefore reach your goals faster!