I saw a headline today that said, “Which diet will help you lose more weight? A low fat diet or a low carb diet?” The result of the study basically said that the diets as far as weight loss were equal. The dieters lost on average the same amount of weight and kept the same percentage off after a certain amount of time.

The point of my site is that the weight loss is not what is the goal. It is not what is important. Sorry to break it you. There are a thousand ways to lose weight and it is basically up to you to then keep it off after the fact. I believe that the process is not about just losing weight. We need to stop thinking that way. Weight is not independent of ourselves. Our bodies and our minds are one. They just seem to be separate but are not. Weight loss is not over here and we are over somewhere else.

We need to train ourselves to be a machine when it comes to choosing the way we eat and live. We are machines in the way that energy is put in and put out in any other machine. How do we become in sync with our bodies. That is my goal. To work with my body the best way that I can. What does my body really want and need to make it work in the most efficient way? With all of the information out there today that is a difficult question to answer. So many people believe different things. Low fat, low carb, low calorie. Notice also how many diet have the word “low” making us feel as though we have to give up something. Instead of taking away what if you gave to your body. What can you do for your body? How can you feed it in the best way? What does it want so that it can perform at its best? We are so weight loss focused. Everything is about losing weight and not about what our body needs. We really need to change our focus.