Today in the mail we received a bunch of coupons. I was going through them to see which ones to keep and I came across an ad for Nutrisystem. The reason that I am writing about it is because it made me laugh. Probably before I was writing this site it wouldn’t have struck me at all. Most diet plans do exactly what this ad did. Now however that I am writing this site I am much more sensitive to everything diet and fitness. On my site my goal is to really have people think about how they are treating their bodies not just how to lose weight. What does our body really want and need.

Anyway, on this ad what the focus was what you could eat on their diet plan. They showed pictures of brownies, pizza, lasagna. Foods that people often think they should avoid on a diet. It is good advertising and like I said all the major diet plans talk about the same thing. “Try us and you can have your cake and eat it too!” Someone should take that slogan:) I laughed because all those things that they say you can eat are still refined carbs number one. They are high on the glycemic index and really do not do your body good. It is still sugar in some form. The second reason is that it does not teach your body what it should be eating. And third, your body doesn’t want it. Please don’t roll your eyes at me. If I see a brownie I am going to eat it. This is why I don’t keep brownies in the house very often. But at least I know when I eat one that it is my brain that wants the brownie, not my body.

Yes you can lose weight on unhealthy food if it is low calorie. I have known very thin people who never eat a veggie. But it will catch up to them someday. They may eventually start to gain weight or they will be weak if they aren’t already. Being older will be difficult. I want to be strong when I am older.

The goal should not be just to lose weight. You need to feed your body what it wants. Then you never have to go on a “diet”. The body just works how it is supposed to work. I laugh when I see a diet promote unhealthy food. Like I said it is good advertising but not good for your body in the long run. When you no longer are on the diet your body will still crave these foods and you never learned anything. What is the point? Research the facts about grains, carbs and sugar. If you eat them in low calorie forms you may lose weight for the short term but not in the long run. Let’s say your body is a Porsche. A Porsche need a higher octane gasoline. You can put a lower octane fuel in your car and it will run but it is not good for the car. If you put the wrong gas in your car it may run for a while but in the long run it will break down.

Let’s stop breaking down our bodies! If you treat your car well, put the right fuel and oil etc. in it your car will run good for a long time and it actually helps clean the engine etc. Do the same for your body. Feed it with good veggies, fruit, protein etc. and you body will work for you while you clean it out naturally.