Hi! Both kids are napping at the same time! I get to write quick.

So I just found out that I have finally lost the baby weight! That makes me so happy. It felt like a struggle and that the weight was coming off very slowly. Now I look back and realize that I was fine. The last 5 pounds or so I think I lost about a half a pound a week so I wasn’t sure if I was improving or not.

Now this doesn’t mean that my body is back to normal. It will never be like it was before. I still have a belly. My stomach muscles pooch out still and I feel a small gap that separates them down the middle. Actually my muscles still feel a bit weak all around but it is getting better. When I teach my dance classes I feel like jello. I just try to hold everything together. I am able to lift more weight than when I started which is good. So I am optimistic and ready to get on to the next stage.

So I will sum up how I accomplished the weight loss. I mean four months is pretty good. First, I started slow. I made sure that I was eating healthy 80-90% of the time and allowing myself to eat treats sparingly. I was exercising as much as I could, doing push ups, squats etc. before I went to bed or when kids were napping. Next, after my 6 week doctor’s appointment, I kept up with the same eating habits and I stepped up my workout. I tried to start sprinting once a week while still doing my weight bearing exercises. Finally, at 3 months I went back to work, and starting sprinting and weight lifting two times a week. I plan on continuing this for a while and see what happens. My goal now is to continue to get stronger. I want to 1) be able to see more muscle definition in my body and 2) dance better and stronger than I could before I had kids.

There are probably people out there thinking you are in your late 30s and you want to be in better shape now than when you were in your 20s? That is not possible! Well I choose not to think that way. I am already stronger now than I was before and why can’t I continue to improve? Why not think positive? I decided not too long ago that if given a choice between believing something positive or negative I will choose the positive choice. If I am wrong who cares? At least I will have lived happy.